Paddington Out of School Care is a not-for-profit centre established in 1990, to provide a service to the children and parents at Paddington Public School.
We have been accredited previously with good to high quality ratings with the QIAS accreditation system and are currently undergoing accreditation under the new National Quality Standard (NQS).
We have a highly qualified, experienced and diverse team of educators who are passionate about their role in the service and the wider community.
We strive to establish meaningful partnerships with individual children and families and pride ourselves in being flexible, while offering the highest possible level of care and ensuring costs are kept to a minimum. We can only continue to achieve this with the support and cooperation of the parents.

10 things you may not know about us

  1. The establishment of POOSC in 1990, was a “mother’s club” initiative. The “mother’s club” offered the mothers of Paddington the opportunity to get together and connect while they fundraised for the school and prepared lunches for the children in the 90’s.
  2. Maria Ragan is our longest serving staff member. She has been with the centre since 1992.
  3. We have an incredibly low staff turn over. Here are the number of years the staff at POOSC has been in the service up until 2017:
    • Maria Ragan- 23 years
    • Colleen Powter- 10 Years
    • Monique Freeman- 8 Years
    • Sherry Dowie – 8 Years
    • Miamii Hazell – 4 Years
    • Rachael Holmes – 2 years
  4. All of our permanent staff are trained in managing First Aid, Anaphylaxis, Asthma and Coeliac disease. Staff have attended courses on Child Protection.
  5. We get to know our children very well as they are with us from Kindergarten through to year 6- That’s 7 Years!
  6. We support those who are currently studying childcare to conduct their practicum placement with us. We see this as an opportunity to pass on practical industry knowledge to the next generation of childcare workers and as an opportunity to learn current industry teachings from the students.
  7. We have been accredited in 2008(High Quality), 2010(High Quality) and are currently awaiting accreditation under the new accreditation system.
  8. We welcome family input and participation. We believe that together, we can provide our children with a more holistic education.
  9. We share a close relationship with Paddington Children’s Center with whom we have a “Transition Into School Program” with. This program offers new kindergarten children the opportunity to visit & play at POOSC and see what care will be like when they attend school.

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