What We Offer

 Our general program includes aspects such as-
  • Art & craft
  • Indoor and outdoor play
  • Long term, interest based projects
  • Music and movement
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Rest and relaxation
  • Respect, inclusion and community involvement
  • Individual and group based activities
  • Free play
  • Visiting performers/educational programs
  • Breakfast and afternoon tea

Program Aims & Objectives

Physical Developmentkids-playing:
  • Builds Confidence and self esteem
  • Exposes children to a variety of sporting activities
  • Fosters a love of sport
  • Builds team spirit and good sportsman ship
  • Facilitates turn taking and tolerance
  • Encourages children to play in mixed age groups
  • Challenges any biases and stereotypes
  • Supports them to live a healthy lifestyle
Art and Craft Activities:                                                      Education
  • Supports creative and aesthetic development
  • Introduces art & craft from around the world
  • Introduces children to the various forms of creativity
  • Encourages children to explore a variety of creative mediums
Meal Times:
  • Provides healthy & balanced mealsmeal times
  • Encourages children to make healthy choices
  • Promotes hygiene through standards and practices
  • Meal times are pleasant social experience
  • Meal times should be a time for conversation
Home Work:

We acknowledge that some families find it hard to do homework home workwith their children by the time they get home. Paddington Out of School Care gives these families and children the opportunity to do some of their home work at POOSC. Please note that we do not encourage children to do more than 15-20 minutes of homework daily as they will not be able to experience the other aspects of the program we offer.

Free Play:

In order to develop socially, emotionally and cognitively, children need plenty of free, unstructured play – in other words, lots of old-fashioned free playtime. Play is integral to the academic environment. It has been shown to help children adjust to the school setting and even to enhance children’s learning readiness, learning, behaviour, and problem-solving skills.Free Play

  • Encourages children to initiate their own recreational experiences
  • Provides opportunities to build social groups
  • Builds self esteem, creativity, initiative and social skills.
  • Allows children to use their initiative to direct their own learning and leisure
  • Gives children time to process information on their own terms and use this information to draw their own conclusions and formulate their own ideas.

We also provide special programs which are described below:

Multicultural Cooking Experience

We provide nutritious food as part of our service in an effort to develop healthy eating habits in children. Meal times are a sociacookingl event where children and staff relax and talk about their day. We also run regular cooking experience that. Reflect the diverse cultures found in Australia.

Program Objectives: Our cooking program aims to teach children:

  • Life skills
  • Food appreciation
  • Confidence and creativity
  • Maths and nutritional skills
  • Safe food handling practices

Families are more than welcome to share family and cultural ideas that would enrich the variety and enjoyment of food at the centre. The centre staff are trained in food handling and maintain a high standard of hygiene throughout food preparation. 


We take children on regular excursions in an effort to introduce the children to the larger community and the experiences it has to offer. Excursion makes a major contribution to the acquisition of knowledge and development of skills. Exploring the natural and man-made world, the present and past, science and arts, language and music, adventure and sport helps children attain lifelong interests and a more holistic view of the world they live in.EXCURSION

These are usually carried out in year groups depending on the experience. Excursions may involve bus trips and the purchasing of tickets to venues which could attract an additional fee, but we make every effort to reduce the costs involved. Details of excursions will be provided on signup sheets prior to the excursion. As a regulatory requirement, we conduct a risk assessment prior to excursions. This information will be available to families when we put out the permission forms.

Program Objectives:

  • Hands-on, real world experiences
  • Provide opportunities for children to develop life skills, aesthetic sense, observation skills.
  • Provide opportunities for children to explore,  problem solve, make judgments and inferences,
  • Develops qualities of resourcefulness, self- confidence, initiative and leadership 

Families please note that children will only be taken on excursions once parental consent has been given and the cost of the excursion has been paid.

Little POOSCPreneur:

Little POOSCPreneur is a fantastic program that helps children develop the skills required to run their own micro- business and develop an understanding of what it feels like to be an entrepreneur. The program is aimed at the 8 -12 year old children and teaches them  concepts like- lemonade-Stand

  • Financial skills
  • Marketing skills
  • Creativity
  • People skills
  • Time management
  • Resource management
  • Visual merchandising
  • Confidence
  • Resilience.

The climax of the programme is a market day at the Paddington markets where the kids sell their products under supervision. The market day enables them to put what they have learnt put into practice  and to have the opportunity to try and make a profit.

Art Projects:

With the help of community funding and experienced artiPalette.sts POOSC offers art projects to our children. These are long term projects, where children work in large groups towards completing a piece of art work. In the past, we have conducted art projects that focus on mosaics, pottery, abstract art and mural painting.

Program Objective: The program helps children develop their:

  • Creative techniques
  • A sense of craftsmanship
  • Quality task performance
  • Team work
  • Goal-setting skills