Our Staff

At POOSC we are very lucky to have such a strong group of dedicated permanent long term staff. Combined, they have dedicated 49 years of service to the Paddington community!


Rachael Holmes

Service Coordinator / Nominated  Supervisor / Public Officer

Originally, Rachael studied health sciences and then transitioned to primary teaching before moving to England. While overseas, she worked as a Teaching Aide, supporting children with special needs and then became a Learning Support Officer when she moved to Paddington. While at PPS she completed her certificate 4 in Special Education Support and also started working with POOSC. In 2017, POOSC’s long standing Coordinator, Colleen Powter retired after 13 amazing years. 2018 brings in a new era with Rachael as Coordinator and has taken to the roll like a duck to water.


Violetta Ilizirova

Assistant Coordinator / Educational leader / Qualified Child Care Worker / Cert. Supervisor

Violetta joined the POOSC team in 2017 and was a breath of fresh air. With 10 years experience in childcare, Vi brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to the centre.
With a Diploma in Children’s services and a Bachelor of Counselling & Behavioural Science, Violetta has shared lots of great ideas which have continued to improve our service.
She will always greet you with a big happy smile and loves to have a chat to parents and carers.


Miamii Hazel

Child Care Worker / Cert. 3 Education Support 

Our resident Pom has been with POOSC from an amazing 10 year. Miamii’s started her long love affair with Paddington when her children first attended school here.
She gained her cert 3 in special needs support and started working at Paddington public as a learning support officer.
Years later, we are lucky to have her and her infectious laugh still with us at POOSC many years later.


Maria Ragan

Qualified Child Care Worker/ Certified Supervisor

Maria has been with POOSC for a whopping 26 years! She joined right in the beginning when it was just a  “Mothers Club” and has seen the service grow and expand.
Maria says, “Things were much simpler then, now things are much more interesting and I love how things have changed.”
If your kids come home with some new exciting skills, such as finger knitting, you know its because of Maria.


Monique Freeman

Qualified Child Care Worker/Certified Supervisor

If your kids come home asking to help cook dinner, you know its because of Monique. You will always find our resident ex-chef teaching the children to cook and sharing skill they will use for life. 
After running her own family day care, being the lollipop lady at the Gordon street crossing, working as a school learning support officer and then as an administrative officer at PPS, Monique joined POOSC. Our little quirky Kiwi will always be there to help you transition into the Paddington life style and will always be keen for a chat. Welcome to the Paddingon family.


Jasmine Bianco

Qualified Child Care Worker / /Certified Supervisor

“Each day brings something new and being able to teach the children life lessons, while watching them grow is one of my favourite parts about the job.”
Jasmine joined the POOSC team in 2018 and she brings with her a wide range of skills and fantastic new ideas. She was previously a supervisor at another OOSH service and brings a fantastic, level headed approach to working with the children. Welcome to the team Jazz!


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