What’s On

  • Excursions, excursions, excursions!- TERM 3 2017

    The kids at POOSC have loved all of the activities we have done so far this term.
    Celebrating music week by doing band competitions, making pasta, creating friendship bracelets and even an impromptu  fashion show! But there is nothing they love more than getting out and going on an excursion.

    Here at POOSC we offer lots of fun excursions such as building shelters in the wilderness in Centennial park, going on scavenger hunts in Bondi or going to a local café on Oxford street to enjoy a family feast with our friends. This term we are very excited to be taking the children to Francois bakery in Bondi for a one on one lesson in the art of French pastry making. YUM!!!
    We will also be taking the year 4, 5 and 6 children to sky zone trampoline park! We hope they don’t enjoy it so much that they start practicing their backflip skills on the bed at home…





  • School Fair update – June 2015       Buy-a-Bale

Thank you to all who supported Paddington Public School and our POOSC stall. We raised $460 which is fantastic! After a vote at after school care, the children would like to donate the funds raised to www.buyabale.com.au which is a charity supporting farmers in Queensland. We will be selling off the remaining stock at after school care to hopefully bring the total to $500 which we will donate in early July.

  • School Fair (Sunday 24/5/15)

The children from all Year groups at POOSC have been working hard to make fantastic creations to sell on our stall at the School Fair, raising money for charity. We chose a ‘natural’ theme and have created some fantastic home wares and gifts using recycled materials.


TERM 4 (2014)

  • End of Year Party (Mon- 8/12/14)

We will all be celebrating the end of year by having a “Big Day Out” at Centennial Park waterfighton  Monday the 8th of December. Expect lots of fun and water play (weather permitting). If you do not have a permanent booking on the day please call in to see if there are any casual spots available.

  • The Chicken’s are Back!

POOSC will be getting in Henny Penny Hatcheries again this term. The eggs will arrive in an incubator and the children will be able to watch the chicken hatch and grow. Once they Henny Pennyhatch they will go into the pen and will stay with us for 2 weeks. The children will then be able to hold them, feed them and take care of them. If there are any families are who are looking to adopt a pair of chicks please let the staff know so that we can organise it for you.

TERM 3 (2014)

  • Family Lantern BBQ (Thu- 14/Aug/14)lantern

 POOSC will be running a Lantern night again this Term. The children have been busy making lots of different lanterns and are excited to display them on the night.  In past,  we have had a lantern lit family walk around Paddo but this year we will be running a family BBQ on the night, so come by and catch up, have a sausage roll and some hot chocolate and enjoy the lanterns under the starts! This will be a free event.

TERM 2 (2014)

  • Family Week Morning Tea (Tue-20/May/14)Morning tea

In celebration of our wonderful families at POOSC we are hosting a free morning tea. The children will be making delicious cupcakes and we will have a tea, coffee and hot chocolate. So come in and enjoy!

  • Mother’s Day Bake off!

The Year 2 children will be baking shortbread cookies. These cookies will be decorated and put into gift pack for mothers mothers day cookiesday. We hope that our wonderful mums will enjoy these with a relaxing cupper!

  • Project Wild Thing

Project Wild Thing is a film led movement to get more families outside and reconnecting project wild thingwith nature. The film is an ambitious, feature-length documentary that takes a funny and revealing look at a complex issue, the increasingly disparate connection between children and nature. Project Wild Thing is also a growing movement of organisations and individuals who care deeply about the need for nature connected, free-range, roaming and outdoor playing kids in the 21st century.

POOSC has joined the movement with its Wild Time program. It is where children spend time outside free to explore, play, imagine,  create and be spontaneous. Wild Time is great for building confidence, creativity and independence. It’s also healthy, good for the mind and the body. And there’s also lots of other life out there to discover and connect with. If you just look up, listen and start to notice. For families trying to look for ideas on what to do outdoors- try the “Wild Time” app which is great for ideas or visit their website on https://projectwildthing.com/ . Keep it Wild!

  • Woodworkwoodwork

The senior children will be doing woodwork this term. We will be making giant games for the playground. On the list will be connect four, Checkers and noughts & Crosses. The children will be using power and manual tools and learn about measuring, cutting, gluing, chiselling and painting. This is another initiative to add risk taking and outdoor experiences to our program in term 3.

  • PooscPreneur (Term 2)- Postponed to Term 3

We are excited to announce that we are running the “POOSCPrenuers” program in Term 2 for the senior group of children.  The “POOSCPrenuers” program helps children to set up their own micro business and sell products they have made. They learn concepts like-

  • Financial skills
  • Marketing skills
  • Creativity
  • People skills
  • Time management
  • Resource management
  • Visual merchandising
  • Confidence
  • Resilience.lemonade-Stand

 At the end of the term the children will have a market day on a SATURDAY to sell their products at the “Paddington Markets”. Families please note that if your child decides to participate in this program, it is vital that you commit to the market day, as this would be the culmination of the time and effort the children have invested during the term. This is where they get to showcase and practice what they have learnt and worked towards not to mention the opportunity to make some profit. If you are interested in this great opportunity please see Soli and Sherry to organize a booking.

TERM 1 (2014)

  • Helping Keep Our Native Wildlife Safe (Fri-21/March/14)

POOSC invited June a WIRES representative to talk to the children about WIRES_LOGOtheir program for rescuing injured baby possums and Joeys.  The children will  have the opportunity to make boxes and knit bags used to keep the babies warm during their recovery. This will be a great opportunity to get the children involved in the community and environmental conservation.

TERM 4 (2013)

  • “Children’s Rights- The Movie” Premiere7462233-film-slate-with-movie-film-reel-3d-rendered-image

The Seniors (Years 3-6) have made a movie based on the United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of the Child. We will be proudly showcasing the movie to their families on Thursday the 12th, 2013 at 5pm. Families can also purchase a copy of the movie for $10 to take home. All proceeds will go towards purchasing a hand held camera or two so that the children can have more flexibility with filmmaking next year.

  • Children’s Week Celebrations (Oct 21st to Oct 25th, 2013)

We are celebrating children and their rights this week.  Each year group is busy doing activities that focus on play, diversity and children’s rights.


  1. Art Projects (Children of the World)
  2. Multi Cultural Cooking
  3. Movie Making (Children’s Rights)
  4. Story telling
  5. Party Day (Focused on Free Play)

TERM 3 (2013)

  • Walking Home Safely (Tue- 10/ September/14 from 3.45 to 4.30pm.)
    walking home

Many of our older children have started walking home by themselves, and as a result, we have had a few questions from them about this topic. To address this, POOSC is inviting a youth police officer to talk to our seniors about walking home safely. The talk will be conducted on the. The officer will cover the following topics-

  1. Things to look out for
  2. Road safety
  3. Stranger danger

  • Chick, Chick, Chickens!!!

We currently have a mini chicken pen and an egg incubator in our play room. The children have been observing the eggs being incubated and the process of hatching. They then get to learn about the environment the chicks need to survive. The children have been making sure the water and food is topped up, the heater light is working and have been observing how chickens interact with each other.

They have noticed that some chickens take on leadership roles while others are more passive. They have been taking note of the physical changes that happen as they grow and talked about the role chicken play in our life.

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