Permanent Session Rate 

Fee Price Effective 13th July 2021

Before School Care - $13.50

After School Care - $22.50

Admin Fees

Yearly Admin Fee- $60 

Charged once at the start of each year with the first set of care fees.

Bond- $130

A one off payment which is charged when you first join the service. The bond is returned to you when your child leaves the service, if your account balance is settled. 

Late Pick up Fees

Late pick-up fees apply for children collected after 6:00pm. The late pick-up fee is $15.00 for the first 15 minutes or part thereof, plus $15.00 for each additional 15-minute block.

Session Rate 

Fee price Effective 13th July 2021

Before School Care - $17.50

After School Care - $26.50


Paddington Out Of School Care uses direct debit through a secure electronic payment processing service.


Account holders will be able to set up their bank or credit card details directly on their personal account with us once enrolment is complete.


Fees will be deducted automatically from your nominated bank account or credit card in fortnightly cycles. Your account will be charged near the end of the first week of the two week cycle, so all accounts are cleared by the end of the second week of the fortnight.


It’s the responsibility of the account holder to ensure that their account details are correct and that there are sufficient funds available for automatic withdrawal.